FAQ Hair Colouring

1) Why Kimarie Salon able to do pre-lightening & hair colouring while still able to keep your hair healthy?
With our secret pre-lightening formula and PTC technique (Precise Timing Control) ability to achieve the right level of pre-lightening faster. Faster processing time means lesser damage to hair. Pre-treatment & Post-treatment is also available to protect your scalp & hair.
In term of product, we are using only trusted international brands like L’Oreal Professionnel, Goldwell and Number3 Japan. Millions of dollars and conducts more than thousands of tests to ensure that every L’Oreal product meets the highest standards of safety, quality and performance.

2) Is bleach used? Can you do highlights / light hair colours without using bleach?
With our unique pre-lightening formula we can replace bleach in over 95% of cases. We can lighten the whole or partial head for highlights, and our pre-lightening system is fortified with keratin. Keep in mind that there are some desired results that only bleach can achieve, so we still use “bleach” in some situations. If bleaching is required, we will ensure your hair texture, health and structural integrity are suitable for bleaching prior to the process and we will always get your approval before colouration or bleaching is performed.

3) Why can I only get estimated price instead of accurate price over web?
We try to be as accurate as possible but remote consultation could differ slightly from actual consultation as we need to assess the texture, condition and history of your hair and scalp before application to ensure your hair/scalp is protected. Our professional team will do a final consultation at the salon and advise our recommendation and pricing (if they differ from remote consultation) for your approval before services are performed.

4) Will regular colouring of my hair damage it?
Our colour products use the finest dye pigments in an ammonia-free and low alkalinity conditioning solution. Our goal is to keep your hair as healthy as possible. As long as the hair is coloured professionally and you maintain its condition correctly in between colouration, then there should be hardly, if any, damaging effects of regular colouring 

5) Is aftercare really that important
During the colour process chemicals are used to open the cuticle, which allows the colour molecules to penetrate the cortex and swell in size so that it becomes trapped. In order to keep up the colour result and lock in the pigments, the cuticle needs to be closed again. For the first 2 weeks after any colour treatment the hair is very vulnerable, and so the correct aftercare is really important to maintain a long lasting colour result.