Ten-month Advanced Diploma

The Hair Courses in Malaysia is broken up into 4 stages of basic, intermediate, advance and creative. This process enables you to start from the fundamentals that make up the foundation of your hairdressing skills, and move up in a step-by-step approach until you reach the creative stage where we will help you tap into your own creativity and add your personal touch into your techniques. Our unique one-on-one method of instruction allows you to learn at your own pace. From the intermediate stage, all lessons will be conducted in simulated salon environments using only real models which enable you to familiarize yourself with the workings of a salon as well as maximum exposure to the different kinds of hair structures and facial forms that mannequins cannot provide.

As an exclusive benefit of the Advanced Diploma Course, you will spend four weeks under the guidance of one of Kimarie’s creative Directors, as well as four weeks as an assistant to our stylists – giving you a unique insight into individual techniques and applications in colouring, styling while working directly with some of our most experienced and creative personnel as they look after clients, giving you an unparalleled look into the workings of a top salon.

As part of the course, you will attend a personal makeup to give you the benefit of grooming and day makeup expertise that is essential in creating the total look for your future clients.

Hair course duration: 40 weeks

Eight-month Advanced Academy Diploma

The essentials of this course are the same as that of our Six-Month Academy Diploma course, with assistant program as an additional module in this highly comprehensive syllabus. You will learn hairdressing techniques in a series of theory and practical sessions, working with real clients to polish your poise and confidence and to further develop your artistic flair.

Hair course duration: 32 weeks

Six-Month Academy Diploma

This is a highly compressed course, designed for those who prefer to kick-start their hairdressing career as quickly as possible. The course is designed to give an intensive, complete and total learning experience, emphasizing on hands-on practical and theory. Creative hair design is also part of this complete program.

Hair course duration 24 week


Four-Month Diploma

This in-depth study is for semi-beginners, assistants and junior stylists with some hairdressing knowledge wishing to take up professional hairdressing as a career. This course provides student with the skills necessary to become a qualified hairdresser. Strong emphasis is placed on hands-on practical and theoretical discussions and studies, with demonstrations on current trends, colour application and perming techniques.

Hair course duration: 16 weeks
Requirement: Basic hairdressing experience/Assistants or technicians with minimum 2 years of experience


One-week Creative Haircutting

This course is specially formulated by our creative team to give your ideas and insights into the latest hair cutting techniques and how to convert them for practical application on your clients on a day-to-day basis. Through demonstrations and hands-on practical workshop, you will be taught to fully explore the creative approach as a key to being a successful hair designer.

Hair course duration: 1 week
Requirement: Advance hairdressing experience/Hairdressers with minimum 3 years of experience

Two-week Advanced Haircutting and Colouring

A short, exciting course held in an informal and highly creative atmosphere, with strong emphasis on innovative design techniques. Emphasis is placed on hands-on practical work sessions. This course is the same as our One-week Creative Haircutting, but with an additional emphasis on colouring techniques.

Hair course duration: 2 weeks
Requirement: Advance hairdressing experience/Hairdressers with minimum 3 years of experience

Hair Design and Styling

Hair Courses in Kuala Lumpur is tailored for hair designers and professional makeup artists required to create total beauty packages to clients for photography and bridal engagements. Classes are conducted through demonstrations and hands-on practical sessions, focusing on styling, plaiting and designing of up styles, evening and bridal hairdos.

Hair course duration: 4 weeks


Refresher courses are tailored to each individual’s specific requirements. Whether you are an experienced hairdresser who wants to gain insights into the latest techniques, an out-of-practice hairdresser who wants to refresh your skills and strengthen your technical knowledge or a technician strong on basics who wants to learn advance techniques to become a full-fledge hair designer, our technical team will design a syllabus that will help you achieve your goals.

Hair course duration: 1 – 8 weeks


What is SKM?

SKM is program accredited by the government of Malaysia under the National Department of Skills, Ministry of Human Resources.

Why SKM?

A certification that is recognized by the Malaysian government and hair industry A quality and comprehensive training programme that enables graduates to have a competitive edge in the hairdressing industry.

Accreditation Centre Details

Accreditation Centre: Kimarie Hair Academy
Accreditation Centre Code: L00264
Address: 48A Level 1, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone Number: 03-2148 0800
Fax Number: 03-2141 0800

Programme SKM we offered :

Programme: Hairdressing Level 2

Programme Code: HT-090-2
Course Duration: 6 months
Introduction: To deliver basic knowledge in hairdressing to individuals who are interested in hairdressing skills. Objective: To produce top-notch graduates who will become the most sought-after hairdressers in the country.

Course Syllabus:

Hair Care Consultation
Hair Shampooing
Hair Styling
Hair & Scalp Treatment
Hair Salon Maintenance
Hair Salon Product Retailing

Programme: Hairdressing Level 3

Programme Code: HT-090-3
Course Duration: 12 months
Introduction: To deliver advanced knowledge in hairdressing to individuals who are interested in a career in hairdressing. Objective: To produce top-notch graduates who will become the most sought-after hairdressers in the country.

Course Syllabus:

Hair Cutting
Hair Perming
Hair Colouring
Hair Bleaching
Hair Straightening
Hair Salon Administration
In-Salon Service Promotion
Facial Hair Design Treatment
Fantasy Hair Styling


Student loans available from Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK) for qualified candidates. Talk to our Education Advisors to get details on the application process.