The Ultimate Hair and Makeup Courses

If you are passionate about building a career in hairdressing, and if you want to learn from the leaders in hairdressing education offering the best hair courses that are proven over 30 years to be the ultimate tool for success in the industry, then we welcome to the KIMARIE hairdressing program.

Our award-winning team will personally guide you through our extensive range of hair training courses, passing on their expertise to you through the highest standards of teaching.

Modular Training System

We understand that each student’s progress isn’t linear, so we employ a unique system that allows our students to learn at their own pace. This is possible due to the unique way we conduct our classes where each module is taught independent of another. This is important because our students can progress without the added pressure of keeping up with rest if they needed more time on a particular module. This system also allows us to tailor a program to specifically suit a student’s requirements.

Live Models

After the beginners stage, practical training is done exclusively on live models. This is important to expose students to the variety of facial shapes, differing hair textures, skin tones and even human temperament – factors that you will come across in the real world.

Job Placement We will help our students find the right job for them. This is our guarantee.

Livelong Learning

Your training doesn’t stop upon graduation. All Kimarie Academy students are automatically enrolled into our Livelong Learning Program where you have access to our Trainers’ assistance for skill improvement or refreshment, our Education Advisors for job related challenges or even our management team for managerial and entrepreneurial solutions.